Do People Dream in Color?

Do People Dream in Color ?

Do people dream in color? The answer is
yes and no! What? That's right, some people do, and some people don't.

Not everyone dreams in color: people who are particularly color-conscious in waking life will usually have "Technicolor" dreams, and those who are less aware of the colors of their environment tend to be dreaming in black and white.

When a color emerges strongly in a dream
it is important to consider it as a separate symbol. Each color represents something, so be sure to pay attention to colors that are prominent in your dreams.

Color in Dreams Explained...


Red is the color of heat, passion, fire, and anger. If the color red features in your dream, it may mean that you are feeling extremely angry about a problem or about someone's behavior. In addition, because there is a relationship between red and energy, you should consider whether you are burning your energy in the most rewarding way. The dream may be hinting that you should be more energetic in waking life.


Yellow and orange are positive colors, representing sunshine. A theme of cheerfulness and optimism should be with you if these colors were prominent in your dream; such a dream may be encouraging you to pursue your objectives. A murky yellow, however, may be commenting on the (perhaps unhealthy) state of your liver.


Blue is the color that represents our moods. The interpretation will largely depend on whether the color featured in the dream was dark and mysterious or bright, dazzling sky-blue. If it was the former, are you feeling nostalgic or depressed, or that you life lacks romance? In the latter case, are you about to "take off into the blue" - on vacation, or embark on an important and exciting new project?


If the color green emerges in your dream, there may be a suggestion that you are particularly in tune with the environment, and with green issues. In terms of your attitude and relationship with other people, you should consider whether you are feeling jealous or envious of another person's actions or achievements in waking life. If this is the case, perhaps you should reassess your opinion and outlook. In another way, your dream may be hinting that you have recently responded naively to a waking situation or suggestion.


When black emerges in your dreams it is to be taken seriously. To encounter black objects or general blackness in your dream may reflect a feeling of depression in your waking life: about life in general, about a particular area of life, or about someone who is special to you. If black recurs, carefully study what from it takes, and your mood in the dream. Soon, hopefully, you will see a more positive color, in which case you and your problems will probably have turned a significant corner.


If white was prominent in your dream, it is likely that you are feeling hopeful and positive. You may be about to make a new start in life (having come through a period of change). You should take note of what your dream is telling you; it may be that you ahve rid yourself of previous problems or responsibilities and are ready to begin again.


Purple is the color of authority, majesty, and the law. Consider whether you have been acting "royally" recently - for good or ill. Other symbols in your dream may reveal whether you should become a little more humble, or whether your regal purple was encouragin you to develop greater self-confidence.

So, the answer to "Do People Dream in Color?" is both yes and no. Depending on what type of person you are in your waking hours will determine how you see your dreams.

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