Meaning Behind Dreams

Meaning Behind Dreams

What do dreams mean? It is important to study the meaning behind dreams in order to find clues about our identity. By discovering what dreams mean, we may help clarify what we feel about ourselves and how we should live our lives.

Our consciousness is expressed as fully and in dreams as it is in waking reality - just as our unconscious works as strongly in our waking lives as it does in our dreams. The conscious and unconscious are so closely interrelated as to be almost meaningless without each other.

By learning to be your own dream interpreter, and by studying the meaning of dreams, you will learn to recognize the messages your unconscious is sending you about yourself. Not only that, but interpreting dreams and dream analyzation is a lot of fun!

Common Meaning of Dreams:

These meanings can be found in any good dream interpretation dictionary. If you don't see what you're looking for, try looking it up in a dreams dictionary, or check back another time---it may be something that I'll add in the future!

Death in Dreams

The meaning of death in dreams is usually the result of great stress caused by relationships, school, vocational changes, or by the approach of death itself. Such dreams may also be caused by the death of a loved one, and before or after dreaming of the dead, a member of the family often receives a visitation from the departed.

Innocent Dreams

innocent dream

Numbers In Dreams

If a particular number is prominent in a dream, it may be worth considering its significance and symbolic meaning in terms of the ancient traditions of numerology.

Here's what each number means:

1 - the number of communication, versatility, and reason. It may also refer to the self. Examine your own views, and see that they are communicated to the people around you.

2 - signifies diligence, care, and perfectionism. This may make you unpopular with other, less meticulous people, but the dream may be suggesting that you take more care.

3 - suggests not only diplomacy and sensitivity, but also indecision. A dream involving this number may be prompting you to make up your mind about something in waking life, and to make your point tactfully. It can also suggest instability in certain areas of your waking life.

4 - Represents determination, force, passion, obsessiveness, and possibly jealousy. It is also an even number suggesting a good balance of emotion and feeling.

5 - signifies study and learning. It is also regarded as an optimistic number, and the number of justice.

6 - emotion, but rather than the passion of number four, it is a more sensual emotion directed at stability.

7 - Individuality, freedom, and honesty are all represented by the number 7.

8 - a number that has traditionally been associated with hard work, ambition, patience,and practicality.

9 - the number of inventiveness, originality, optimism, and independence of mind. However, this particular number is sometimes turned to perversity and unpredictability.

Sexy Dreams


dreaming of snakes

Funny Things We Dream

Teen Dreams

* Note: This is a list of common free dream interpretation areas that people who are trying to learn how to interpret dreams often ask for. It is NOT a complete dream glossary...this page would be WAY too long! Therefore, if you you want to be your own dream analyzer, and need a more in-depth free dream analysis, you should go to your local library or book store to get a complete book on interpretation of dreams.

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