Natural Cures for Snoring

Natural Cures for Snoring

Before you medicate yourself or have snoring surgery, consider trying some of these natural cures for snoring.

Many of these home remedies for snoring will help all snorers, but some of them will only help those who are light to moderate snorers. Heavy chronic snoring usually needs medical attention.

Free Snoring Home Remedies:

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

The best of all of the natural cures for snoring is simply taking care of yourself. Eat a well-balanced low-fat diet, stop smoking, and establish an athletic lifestyle to develop good musle tone and lose weight. Excess weight around the neck can cause snoring.

Avoid Certain Medications Before Bed

Avoid tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and antihistamines before bedtime. These relax the neck muscles too much, which causes snoring.

Stop Eating and Drinking Before Bed

Avoid alcohol for at least four hours and heavy meals or snacks for three hours before retiring.

Establish Regular Sleeping Patterns

A healthy sleep pattern does a lot for your well being. Getting the proper amount of sleep helps control your weight, emotions, and hormone levels.

Plans to establish a healthy daytime and bedtime sleep routine:

Maintain a Good Sleep Position

Sleep on your side rather than your back. When you sleep on your back, it allows the tongue to fall towards the back of the throat and cause an obstruction (thus causing snoring).

I are probably thinking "how am I supposed to know if I'm on my back while I'm asleep?" Here's a helpful mom sewed a little pocket on the back of all of my dad's pajamas that she puts a golf ball in. Whenever he rolls over onto his back, he immediately rolls back to his side because he feels the uncomfortable lump on his back, even in his sleep!

Change Your Bed and Bedding

Some people find it helpful to tilt the head of their bed up four inches. You can do this by putting small wedges of wood under the legs of the bed.

Your bedding should be kept clean at all times. If it is allergies that are causing snoring, you need to wash your bedding often in very hot water to kill dust mites and pollens that may be on your sheets. Encasing your mattress and pillows with allergen covers will help, too.

There are specific pillows they make for snoring. These snore pillows are designed to encourage side-sleeping.

Snoring Reflexology

Reflexology can be an effective remedy for snoring because it stimulates organs, especially in the elimation process. Eliminating mucous can be very helpful since congestion is thought to be at the root of the snoring problem.

Herbal Cures for Snoring

Herbal remedies are natural cures for snoring that work by aiming to cure the symptoms that cause snoring. There are many mixtures of herbs and enzymes that you can put together as an effective snoring remedy. However, you need to seek advice from a qualified source to make sure that you have the correct combinations.

Essential Oils for Snoring

There are combinations of essential oils used in aromatherapy that are excellent natural cures for snoring, and can greatly reduce it. By combining different oils together, they can work to:

  • Help relax the muscles of the throat
  • Alleviate dryness by coating the back of the throat and mouth with the mucous that they thin
It is important to remember that essential oils only work for snoring when they are in the right combination. An expert in aromatherapy can tell you the right mixture.

Acupuncture for Snoring

Acupuncture has not been proven as an treatment for snoring. However, if the snoring is caused by seasonal allergies or congestion, it may work to relieve the congestion, which will in turn silence the snoring. This treatment is not right for everyone, and seems to be more effective when combined with allergy or congestion medication.

Singing Snoring Exercises

Sounds strange at first, but singing stop snoring exercises actually work, and are 100 percent natural cures for snoring.

Snoring sounds are caused by loose tissue in the throat. Singing actually helps to tighten up those tissues. Try to sing for at least 20 minutes a day, and see if it makes a difference in your snoring.

Natural Snoring Products and Devices

There are many natural devices and products to stop snoring. These are items that do not enter your body, and are only used on the exterior. Give one of these remedies to stop snoring a try: snore reduction pillows; snoring strips (like Breathe Right Snore Relief Strips; anti snore ring; dental device for snoring; a chin strap for snoring; or a CPAP machine (a machine that has a nasal mask with air flowing through it. The positive pressure it creates helps to keep your airway open, therefore reducing snoring).

Use a Neti Pot

Many of you may have seen Dr. Oz use this on a recent episode of Oprah. Neti Pots have been around for hundreds of years, and are making a comeback.

You fill the pot with warm water, and with your head tipped sideways, you pour the water through one nostril and out the other. This rinses the allergens out of your nasal passage, which may be causing swelling in your upper airway. Swelling in the upper airway is a contributing factor to snoring.

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