Snoring Products and Devices

These snoring products may be just what you're looking for! They can all be purchased without going through a doctor, and worth a ty in your quest for help with snoring.

Ear Plugs for Snoring

For many, ear plugs and snoring go hand in hand! If you read my story on the main snoring page , you can see how effective a good set of ear plugs can be! I think that the ear plug sound snoring aids have kept my mother from going out of her mind all these years!

The ear plugs snoring that you purchase don't have to be really expensive, and if they work, they'll be worth their weight in gold. A good tip is to get to sleep with your ear plug snoring aid in before the person who snores goes to sleep. That way you'll have a peaceful transition to sleep, and the ear plugs will keep them from waking you up.

Snoring Nasal Spray

You can buy stop snoring spray over the counter, or have your physician prescribe one of these effective snoring products for you. There are many good homeopathic verions available that work on reducing the swelling of your airway.

Nasal Breathing Aids

Try buying the nasal strips that you put on top of your nose to pull your nostrils apart, or use something like the Breathe Fit Snoring Aid, a snoring clip that fits inside your nostrils and pushes outwards to separate them.

Pillow to Stop Snoring

An anti snoring pillow works by forcing the sleeping person off of their back while they're asleep. An anti snore pillow, such as the Snore Eze pillow, the Snore No More pillow, or the Sealy snore pillow, keeps the head tilted in the perfect position to encourage side sleeping.

The right snore reduction memory foam pillow has been shown as an effective therapy to reduce the amount of sleep apnea cases by 50 percent when used as a pillow snoring stop aid. Snore relief cushions can also be used in conjuction with the pillow to keep you on your side. Place these snoring cushions beside your body to keep you in the correct sleeping position.

Anti Snoring Ring

This is considered an alternative snoring product because it is not proven. An anti snoring ring is a ring that when placed on the left pinky finger during sleeping, it activates the acupressure meridian in the body that corresponds to the heart and lungs. This allows for easier breathing, reduced snoring, and a more restful night's sleep.

Mouthpiece for Snoring

You can have a snoring mouth piece made, or you can simply buy a stop snoring mouthpiece that you can custom form to your mouth. An anti snoring mouthpiece works by holding your mouth in the right position to prevent the soft tissues in your upper airway from vibrating. A snore mouthpiece will not cost you much, and is worth every penny if it works for you!

Snoring Chin Straps

A snoring chin strap works by holding your mouth closed, forcing you to breathe through your nose. By one estimate, nearly 85 percent of all snorers breathe through their mouths. This is bad because it dries the airway out, causing loud snoring. Therefore, this anti snore device attacks the problem by changing the way that you breathe.

You can buy one of these chin collar snoring devices or find instructions on how to make a homemade snore guard like this by simply doing a search on the internet.

CPAP Snoring Aid

A CPAP (Continuous Postive Air Pressure) machine is an excellent stop snoring appliance. By wearing a tight fitting mask hooked up to a CPAP regulator that is designed to provide a constant restricted high flow of variable or fixed rate oxygen, you can have your airway placed under a constant level of pressure throughout the respiratory cycle.

This device snoring treatment is used in severe cases, and is one of the best stop snoring aids available. It helps the snorer by inflating his or her throat, therefore keeping the airway open.

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