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Snoring Relief

I grew up with a grizzly bear in the bedroom next to mine.

Every night when the lights when off, I heard a noise that rattled our adjoining bedroom wall, striking fear in my young mind.

Some kids worried about the monster under their bed...I worried about the bear that may eat me if
I closed my eyes.

Of course this is not entirely true. As I got older I learned that the "bear" that I thought dwelled in the bedroom next to mine was none other than my Father!

My poor mother...she has slept with a thunderous snoring husband "bear" for most of her married life! I consider her an expert on all things "stop snoring"---if they've invented the snoring device or snoring product, you can bet that she has tried it!

Although he is not entirely convinced that he sounds as bad as he does (even after we recorded his snoring sounds...he accused us of making the snoring sound effects into the recorder), he goes along with the multiple treatment for snoring ideas that our family has had over the years.

He has tried countless home remedies for snoring, many over the counter snoring remedies, snoring nasal spray, snoring strips, stop snoring spray, snore reduction pillows, and even had "stop snoring surgery"! My poor Dad.

After all these years, guess how my Mom finally sleeps in the same bed with my Father again? By using ear plugs for snoring! It turns out after all this time, all he really needs is to exercise to stop snoring (being overweight cause snoring)! Any day now he will get around to that...

Don't be discouraged by this story. Everyone is unique, and many of the snoring remedies below will work for most people. Why not read through them, give some of them a try, and chase the "bear" out of your bedroom!

All About Snoring:

Causes of Snoring

To completely understand snoring, you have to know what causes it. Snoring is the result of blocked airflow in your passages. Click here to learn about what may be causing your obstruction of air.

Types of Snoring

Types of snoring can be divided into levels, from primary to life threatening. Find out what kind of snorer you are here .

"Laugh and the world laughs with you,
snore and you sleep alone." - Anthony Burgess

Natural Snoring Cures

Before running out and getting snore surgery or taking medication for snoring, read about some home remedies for snoring that may just give you the snoring relief that you're looking for!

Medical Snoring Cures

When natural snoring cures are not enough, sometimes the best way to stop snoring is by using a medical snoring treatment. These are different for treating snoring because they are snoring medications that actually enter your body for reducing snoring. Read about snoring cures through the use of a medical treatment for snoring.

Stop Snoring Surgery

After you've tried everything else for snoring relief, your doctor may decide that you need an operation to stop snoring. There are a few types of surgeries for snoring that are performed, depending on what your needs are. Learn about your surgical options so that you will understand what your doctor recommends and why.

Exercise to Stop Snoring

Exercise is one of the best ways to achieve snoring relief because being overweight cause snoring. By exercising, you lose weight which takes away some of the bulk that may be around your neck. Find an exercise plan that you enjoy and will be able to stick to.

The World Health Organization recommends that adults should get either: 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five days per week; or 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise 3 days per week; or an equivalent combination of moderate-/vigorous-intensity exercise; AND 8-10 muscular strengthening exercises (8-10 repetitions)at least 2 days per week. These are minimum recommendations to maintain health, and should be exceeded for weight loss and snoring relief.

Snoring in Child

About 5 percent of children are habitual snorers. However, loud snoring is not normal in a healthy child. You may not be aware that loud snoring every night, besides keeping you awake, may be a warning that your child is not breathing satisfactorily at night. Some common possible causes of children snoring can be:

  • Enlarged tonsil and/or adenoid tissue
  • Allergies
  • Cold or infection
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Deformity in the nose or nasal septum
Especially if your infant snoring is a problem, or you have a snoring toddler, you should seek the advice of a medical professional for snoring relief. Children at these ages cannot always verbally give you clues as to what may be causing their snoring.

"Nearly 45 percent of adults snore occasionally,
and 25 percent snore all of the time."

Snoring in Adults

To adults and their bed partners, snoring relief cannot come fast enough! The statistics on adult snorers are surprising:

  • 30 percent of those over age 30 snore, rising to over 40 percent in middle-age
  • Two-thirds of partnered adults say that their partner snores, while 6 out of every 10 of all adults (59 percent) admit that they snore.
  • Male:Female ratio= 2:1 with the gap closing after menopause
  • Men snore louder than women. 85 percent of all snorers exceed 38 decibels of sound, which is equivalent to light highway traffic.

So, if you live with a snoring wife, snoring girlfriend, snoring husband, or snoring boyfriend, you are not alone!

Snoring in Pets

My dog acts like she is human...she sleeps under the covers with her head poking out and (of course) laying on a pillow! It makes me laugh so hard when I hear my dog snoring...but, I always have wondered why my dog snores.

Hubby and Dog Snoring

Our Dog, Sydney, Sleeping Next to My Hubby

It turns out that dogs snore for many of the same reasons that humans do. The snoring sound itself is caused by a little obstruction that vibrates in their throat when they breathe in and out.

The obstruction can be excess tissue, swollen throat tissue (from allergies), or caused by excess throat bulkiness from being overweight.

There are some simple solutions to stop dog snoring. If your dog is overweight, try putting him/her on a diet. If you think he/she may be suffering from allergies, it is best to get them checked by a vet to see if there are any medications to help him/her.

Anti Snoring Products and Anti Snoring Devices

An anti-snoring product or an anti-snoring device may be just what you're looking for! There are many good snore aids out there that may help you stop snoring. Here is an overview of a few of these snore products and stop snoring devices that can help bring you snoring relief.

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