Types of Snoring: What
Kind of Snorer Are You?

Types of Snoring

What are the different types of snoring,and which one might you or the snoring woman
or man in your life be suffering from?

Snoring is divided into levels...primary snoring (also called "simple snoring") and life threatening (like obstructive sleep apnea or chronic snoring).

Four Levels of Snoring:

  • Mild and Occasional - Snores when they are on their back, but stops when they change position. Once in awhile this kind of snoring may be caused by alcohol intake or a cold.

  • Moderate - Still snore no matter what position your in. Mostly nasal snoring and can be due to allergies.

  • Severe - You snore most of the night, in any position, and keep the person next you (and sometimes in the next room) awake. You often sleep with your mouth open.

  • Critical - You snore in any position, and people three to four doors down can hear you. Your bedmate can hear you stop and start breathing (you are probably suffering from sleep apnea ).

Is Snoring Serious?

Socially, yes. It can be, when it makes the snorer an object of ridicule and causes others sleepless nights and resentfulness.

Medically, yes. It disturbs sleeping patterns and deprives the snorer of appropriate rest. When snoring is severe, it can cause serous, long-term health problems.

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